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9 October 2019
Nieuwegein, Netherlands

Matchmaking at MAP-Expo 2020| Get Connected  

Enterprise Europe Network invites you to the matchmaking MAP-Expo 2020. 
The matchmaking MAP-Expo 2020 is an international matchmaking event focused on making connections in the full supply chains of medicinal & aromatic plants (MAP).

Matching Program

The MAP-Expo team and Enterprise Europe Network cooperate to connect European Agri solution enterprises with international incoming delegations and exhibitors that look for solutions in the herbal industrial value chains. Topics for cooperation are research, domestication, cultivation, harvesting, post-harvesting, drying, conservation, distillation, extraction, product development in combination with traditional remedies, sorting and selection, packaging, tracing and quality control.
This matchmaking is organized on Wednesday 7 October and Thursday 8 October and is free of charge, but an entrance ticket of € 20,- to the MAP EXPO 2020 needs to be purchased separately.


Why participate?                              

  • Show your most favourable projects, products and/or machines.
  • Initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations.
  • Find new business partners.
  • Get latest information on research findings.
  • Present, discuss and develop new projects.

Target visitor groups

The target visitor groups are business people, purchase managers, decision makers, business development managers and entrepreneurs of medicinal & aromatic plant industries, functional food, nutraceutical producers, bio & plant-based pharmaceutical industries, plant-based cosmetics and local importers & suppliers.
The target visitors are invited from the global hubs for the consumption and import of MAPs. In addition MAP-Expo 2020 welcomes visitors from other countries with special interests in traditional or modern applications from MAPs. 

You can register here


Following MAP-products are part of the matchmaking MAP-Expo 2020:

  • Raw materials (fresh or dried plants, herbs, spices, algae, seaweeds).
  • Plant derivatives for food, pharma and/or fragrance industries (essential oils, resins, powder herbal material, gels, tinctures, syrups, fatty oils, fresh juices, ....).
  • Active ingredients in herbs.
  • Specialty plant-based chemicals.
  • Food supplements & nutraceuticals.
  • Cosmetics & medicinal base materials.
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Nieuwegein, Netherlands
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